LTG means Lighting!


For over 100 years a light bulb (either incandescent or CFL) has dominated the lighting industry. Now, after more than a century, heat generating light bulbs are finally being replaced by LED integrated technology – combining function and form in the specific lighting fixture.


Improved light distribution

A light bulb or tube of any kind has always created a concentrated light source in the fixture creating bright or dark hotspots. Diffusion of light with such a hotspot was very difficult. With integrated LED fixtures it is possible to spread the light source over larger areas creating a perfectly even light distribution.


Increased life span

Concentration of heat has a huge impact on the life span of a lighting product. Traditional light sources are heat producing elements with a by-product of light. LED is a light producing source with a by-product of heat. 


Light Effects

LED technology makes possible lighting effects that were simply not conceivable before, warm dimming, amazing light distribution, low profile fixtures, etc..


Lighting Technology Group is dedicated to design, development, and manufacturing of the best LED integrated Lighting Fixtures in the world.

Integrated fixtures are a great trend in the industry completely replacing traditional bulbs and tubes. Lighting Technology is committed to producing the best Products in this fast growing category of Integrated Lighting Fixtures.

This is the present and the future of Lighting industrially, commercially, and residentially.


OUR Products and Channels

Lighting Technology Group is active in three main
international distribution channels, namely: 



Lighting Technology Group supplies some of the World’s largest distributors and retailers with the highest quality lighting products on an OEM basis. We create product families from initial ideas through final development and we offer new products to customers, ready to go!



Lighting Technology Group works with architects, developers and multi-location companies to provide unique lighting solutions to fulfill their unique vision without compromise.



Lighting Technology Group sells a wide range of consumer designed lighting to the largest retailers around the globe, including USA Europe and Asia. Solutions are designed with simplicity and mass market appeal.


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